In the tea city of Kolkata, stands the nerve centre of our tea world. Here, in front of large sunlit windows, surrounded by thousands of different teas all tidily boxed and shelved, our tasters and blenders evaluate hundreds of cups of tea every day. This is where the value of each tea is determined, large volumes are traded and numerous teas carefully selected and blended.


At our warehouse, consignments of tea arrive regularly. Each package is individually checked, securely stacked and catalogued. Some of these teas will be shipped immediately, in original estate packing. Other teas will remain in stock for future use.


The business of blended teas is a key area of specialisation. Our understanding of international markets enables us to offer teas which are particularly suited to each customer. With our expertise in blending, it is possible to balance out seasonal fluctuations in quality, to produce a consistent and distinctive taste year after year.


From the tea packer in Japan to the tea shop in United States of America, the ready to drink tea producer in Taiwan to the tea trader in Germany; our teas reach the shores of practically all the major tea consuming nations.

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